Labs Static Electrolyte, Potentiostat Experiment, Raman Spectrometer and Q-Fog
Patents Corrosion related patents in Canada, US, EU, Australia, Hong Kong and More.
Scientists Working full-time in our research and development lab

Q&A With Michael Lewis

Interview with the inventor of the Electromagnetic Induction Corrosion Control Technology (EICCT) technology used in the Final Coat modules

Q-Fog Lab

Q-fog test chambers are used in the corrosion research industry to simulate conditions that metals are exposed to in the natural environment.

Static Electrolyte Lab

Testing the exposure to a static volume of electrolyte on galvanized sheet metal

Potentiostat Experiments

Cause and effect experiments to confirm different hypotheses on corrosion and zinc passivation

Raman Spectroscopy Lab

Allows for the study of surface corrosion products on samples immersed in an electrolyte